Well this has been hard to keep a secret for so long. Following from the huge success of the ‘Tasmanian Trifecta’ in 2020, we are so excited to be able to launch our second ‘state focus’ series this month. The ‘Waratah Wonders’.

The ‘Waratah Wonders’ is a three-month exploration of NSW craft distilling.  We have teamed up with some of NSW’s finest craft distillers, independent bottlers and Coopers to bring 3 months of ‘Waratah Wonders’ for May, June and July 2022 and to bring it home we’ll culminate the series with the release of a very special project – exclusive to the Single Malt Whisky Club. As I said above, it’s been hard keeping this under our hats.

In NSW today (I’m including the ACT in these numbers), there are no less than 87 operating distilleries. That’s actually the highest number in any state of Australia. Which may come as a surprise to some, considering Tassie does seem to get a fair amount of the ‘craft distilling’ limelight (and fair enough too! No disrespect to Tassie and their distillers here). Many just aren’t aware of the richness of the NSW distilling scene and we thought it was high time to do something about that.

Now obviously we can’t feature every distillery in NSW in three months. But we hope our ‘Waratah Wonders’ series showcases the whole of the NSW craft distilling and associated industries, and, of course, the whisky itself. NSW ingredients, NSW coopers, NSW still makers, NSW distillers and NSW Indy bottlers – we’ve covered as much ‘NSW Craft Distilling Industry’ ground as we possibly could in the time we have!  And the whiskies are just as varied.  We’ve got southern border, Riverina, Snowy region and The Central Tablelands (from a distillery perched on the edge of the worlds second largest canyon!) represented. Peated, non-peated wine aged, sherry matured whisky whisky WHISKY! All of it from NSW and all of it bloody Wonder-ful!

MAY  | JUNE  | JULY – 2022