An EXCLUSIVE 7 year old, Tasmanian French-Oak ex Sherry Cask matured Single Malt, filtered down with Tasmanian rainwater to a perfect dramming 46%abv – The Island Coast Release 6 SMWC Special is something very special from the apple isle.

At the amazing price of $129 for a 7 year old Tasmanian Single Malt…this single cask, tassie sherry bomb will perfectly complement the winter whisky season.

Our special Island Coast Whisky bottling is a ‘tale of two casks’ and quite the story. Two identical sherry casks actually…with one (identical in all aspects) winning Silver at Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition and the second bottled for the first time in 700ml and ready for the Club!

These two remarkable casks were filled on the same date 7 years ago by the Nant Distillery.

Both casks were purchased by a private investor and both bought by Island Distilling from said investor a few years ago and matured until the magic was ready.One cask was then bottled into 500ml and released to the ‘general public’, and the second bottled in 700ml exclusively for the Single Malt Whisky Club. Kirk Pinner, Owner and Head Honcho at Island Distillery only sent the 500ml ‘Release 5’ to Tokyo for consideration as he didn’t believe the SMWC bottling ‘Release 6’ to be a ‘publicly available whisky’ as it is only available to our Club. Wouldn’t you know it – Release 5 has just (only two weeks ago at time of writing) been awarded Silver at the Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition.

This month, it gives us great pleasure to be featuring a whisky by one of very own members…Mr. Kirk Pinner and his ‘Island Coast Whisky’. Now Kirk does it a little bit differently to most Tassie whisky producers. The most noticeable difference is that Kirk doesn’t actually own a still of his own. Kirk’s Island Coast brand is unashamedly made from a mix of rented-still distillation, plus acquisition and maturation of casks from other distilleries in Tasmania and some contract distillation. I must point out that the ‘rented still distillation’ is just that – NOT contract distilling – Kirk carries out the wash and distilling himself – but rents the facilities to do so. In this case, the whisky is from none other than the Nant stills.

Bottled at the same 46%abv as it’s award-winning sibling, but at a stellar price, this is an exclusive opportunity for the Single Malt Whisky Club palettes.


Nose: A floral fruitiness over a nutty backbone, with a Demerara sugar note there as well.

Palate: Super rich and thick and creamily mouth-coating. Mild pepper precedes deep red stewed fruit tones with rich caramel

Finish: Finishes with a nice, nutty surprise. There’s the sweet fruity notes you’re expecting [from a sherry cask], sure, but it’s the lovely nut-butter that emerge that make the finish a stand-out for me.

This is an extremely easy dramming whisky. Guaranteed to please everyone at the table – there’s just nothing NOT to like in this affable and approachable, yet as complex and ‘analysable’ whisky.

Glenglassaugh Coastal Vintage 2011
  • PRICE : $129

  • ABV : 46%

  • BOTTLE : 700ml




an absolute full PX matured sherry-bomb peated whisky for you


“Distilled from the finest quality Tasmanian ingredients with pristine Tasmanian water in an environment of the freshest of fresh air on the planet. All Island Coast Whisky releases are limited Single Cask releases, across ex-Sherry, ex-Port, ex-Bourbon and ex-Pedro Jimenez casks, with all bottles individually numbered.

This unique & limited premium Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky from Tasmania, an Island surrounded by the most diverse and picturesque Coastlines you’ll find around the world”.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Amber Golden
Nose: With hints of subtle jersey caramel and zesty orange peel with a nutty-ness.
Palate: A touch of apricot and butterscotch, with that vanilla on the nose coming through with the sweet tasting of grapes, soft honey, with a sugary stickiness to the palate.
Finish: A lingering sweet oak note and hints of brown sugar silkiness, with a long warm finish with a touch of golden syrup.

Cheers, Kirk


Based in Margate, Tasmania, Island Coast Spirits is specifically focused on producing Tasmanian Rum, Whisky & Vodka. With innovation and entrepreneurial flair, creating something unique and boutique, Island Coast Spirits is the brainchild of Kirk Pinner. Using a mixture of contract distilling, renting still and wash-tuns and also cask acquisition and maturation, Kirk has evolved Island Coast Spirits into one of Tassie’s premier brands all without actually owning his own still!

Industry recognised awards for his whisky, rum and vodka have cemented the reputation of this little Tassie producer who’s consistently punching way above his weight grade.