Two friends having a whisky


In early 2004, two mates would catch up on Friday nights and share a single malt whisky. At the time single malt whisky mainly came from Scotland and it was very hard to get anything else and you were stuck with only a few brands. Over time the boy’s love of whisky grew and the sought out different single malts to try. A few friends and family got in on this action and very soon rare and hard to get single malt whiskys were being shared, assessed and drunk.

In 2005, the boys decided that they were sure that other people would like to partake in these ‘nectar of the gods’ and was born. In the early days of the internet it was a very manual process running the club, liquor sales on the internet were not really being done and most of it was done for the love of the whisky. But source and share good whisky they did.


Over the last ten to fifteen years it is fair to say that single malt whisky has boomed and particularly in Australia. Tasmania, that had no distilleries 20 years ago, 9 by 2004 and over 35 at last count (2020) with even more coming online. While this is extreme growth, we have also seen the growth of whisky in many other regions such as America, India and Asia. In Japan, who was second to Scotland in whisky production a few years ago, demand has outstripped supply and it is almost impossible to get (or ridiculously expensive). Scottish distilleries that had previously closed have opened back up.

But for us here at the Single Malt Whisky Club, this is fantastic news as it allows us so many options, types and supply for us to deliver to our members. Whether it is an established distillery or a start-up and no matter the country we can review and asses it and if exceptional pass it on to our members. The world of whisky has never been better.


In 2019, the partners changed with one leaving the business and one staying on. A new partner came on board and these two mates continue to run the business. But due to the growth and the history of the business, it was decided that it needed an upgrade to better serve our members. So we re-branded to The Single Malt Whisky Club, changed our logo and built a more streamlined and easy to use website and membership system. We added more products, launched tasting nights…all while using our buying power to source the world’s best whisky at very attractive pricing for our members.


Our mission is simple!

To increase our members love, appreciation and understanding of single malt whisky. We achieve this by scouring the world to find the best, rarest, hard to find, different and tasty whisky that meets our members price range and deliver it to our members.


You can contact us via email at, via the social media links below or fill in the contact form and we will be in touch with you post haste.