Members can now take advantage of our $15 fixed price shipping by adding any Whisky in our Online Store to their monthly whisky order!

That’s right, with the centralisation of all our logistics, any Whisky can now be added to the Whisky of the Month release for a fixed $15 shipping.

How to add any Whisky from the Store!

  • Its easy! First make sure you are logged in and have an active membership.
  • Select the Whisky you want from the Online Store.
  • At the bottom of each Whisky product you now have a new option.
  • Instead of selecting ‘Add to Cart’, choose your Subscription from the pulldown menu and click the ‘Add to existing subscription’ button as shown below.
  • BOOM. It will add the Whisky to your monthly Whisky order and $15 saved!

Questions, Issues? We are always here to help!