Bland Lacking in personality.
Body  The amount of appropriate product character, usually used in conjunction with qualifiers such as ‘full bodied’, ‘lacking in body’.
Clean Free from off-notes from any source.
Dry An overall impact of astringency.
Green A preponderance of aldehydic at an acceptable level.
Heavy Possessing a high total intensity of delectable aroma and flavour.
Light  Possessing an adequate intensity of aroma and flavour, but tending to be delicate in type.
Mellow  A condition associated with good maturation, whereby alcoholic pungency is suppressed and the effect of hotness reduced to a pleasant warming.
Neutral  Lack of aromas, other than that of ethyl alcohol.
Rich Implies a high intensity of character; may also mean a preponderance of sweet associated aromatic.
Round A good balance and intensity of aroma and flavour notes.
Robust A high aroma intensity and flavour; powerful character.
Sharp Imparting nose or mouth prickle.
Soft Where the alcoholic pungency and other aromatics are suppressed.
Thin  Lacking in the aroma and flavour which it should have; watery