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    The perfect gift for those whisky enthusiasts in your life (or a great way to get through lockdown) – The Lark Classic Cask Whisky Tasting Set! This specially-curated bundle of award winning deliciousness features 3  x 100ml bottles of Lark's finest whisky and a laser-etched Lark Glencairn Glass. Each of the whiskies in the Lark Classic Cask Whisky Tasting Set has a complex variety of flavours that the Lark team crafts from barrel to bottle. Lark Classic Cask 43% - Lark’s signature Tasmanian whisky, is a timeless single malt with hints of orange peel, vanilla bean, Christmas cake and golden syrup. Once you take a sip, the sweetness of butterscotch, the tartness of grapefruit and the earthiness of cloves will hit your tongue. The butterscotch and citrus linger while the finish is a smoky strand of Tasmanian peat. Lark SYMPHONY Nº1 40.2% - The brainchild of Head Distiller Chris Thomson. “I’ve always found a real joy in bringing different whiskies together. I think each distillery kind of has a fingerprint,” says Thomson. The blended malt has a nose of ripe mangos, tangerines and toasted pineapple. The finish is smooth and warm with fresh fruit and citrus for a balanced dram of Tasmanian whisky. Lark Cask Strength 58% - Fondly referred to as "Liquid Gold" by whisky fans. Like Classic Cask, it leads with an oaky aroma of orange peel, butterscotch, cinnamon and nutmeg. Its huge port cask influence gives in an intense vanilla and Christmas cake sweetness as well as maple syrup and stewed fruits. There’s a hint of Tasmanian peat smoke that carries through to where toffee, spices and citrus shine through for a warm, smooth finish.
  • Need to take your whisky with you? Our 235ml (8oz) stainless steel Hip Flask, wrapped in leather with subliminal white stitching has you covered. Theatres, sporting events, parent/teacher interviews...you will always have your favourite dram at hand.
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    Gift the one you love with some amazing Single Malt Whisky. Comes shipped with an amazing timber gift card and the 1, 2 and 3 month option comes with a FREE SMWC Whisky Glass. You also have the option of adding the highly sort after Single Malt Whisky Club Hip Flask! Choose to send it to yourself and have something to wrap up to gift, or send it to the lucky recipient and we will wrap it for you.


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