Inspired by Brian Boru’s legendary victory at the Battle of Clontarf in 1014 AD, Clontarf Single Malt is a truly unique Irish whiskey. Distilled in Ireland using the finest grain and pure Irish spring water, the whiskey is aged with care in bourbon barrels and gently filtered through Altlantic Irish oak charcoal to achieve a wonderful mellowness. Time honoured and traditional techniques produce the finest quality charcoal from Irish oak grown on the rugged Atlantic coast of South West Ireland. In a slow and delicate process the smouldering embers finally produce a charcoal so fine that filtration produces a mellow Irish whiskey of supreme quality and smoothness.

Clontarf Single Malt is a unique single malt whiskey. Irish oak is slow burned to produce charcoal. The pure spirit is passed through this Irish charcoal prior to racking in charred first fill bourbon barrels. The result is nothing short of stunning, according to Jim Murray in his latest whisky bible. This is classified as a “Superstar whiskey that gives us all a reason to live”. “Irish most excellent” is a quote from the 2008 bible too. I think he likes it: “Outstanding blood orange clinging to the sharp barley edges; soft spices buzz and juiciness intensifies. Long with a myriad waves of fruit barley of varying intensity sometimes bringing cocoa and mocha”.

This is quite a unique whisky which is not readily available in Australia, so it is a great opportunity to try a lesser known single malt.

Colour: Brilliant golden amber.

Nose: Sharp, grassy maltiness and a touch salty. Full of character.

Taste: Ultra malty start, rich textured and mouthwateringly in the Clontarf style.

Finish: Varying shades of malt, then a late oaky complexity.


Bottle Size : 700ml
ABV : 46% abv
Region : Ireland
Peated : No

Brilliant golden amber color. Rather shy aromas of caramel, brown spices, and dried autumn fruit. A round soft entry leads to a dryish medium-bodied palate with evenly balanced caramel, nut, and dried fruit flavors. Finishes with a peppery fade of spice, light wood tannin, moss, and hard caramel coated fruit.

Clontarf Single Malt