With the summer heat upon us once again, we thought the perfect way to end the year would be a lighter, smoother whisky. One, perhaps, a bit more suited to a cold prawns and seafood dinner in 30 degrees than a steaming hot roast in the snow. And what better when chasing light, smooth whisky than a triple distilled single malt – the Benromach Triple Distilled.

Normally associated with Irish whiskey – triple distilling in Scotland was (up until now) the sole domain of Auchentoshan. The chaps at Benromach have decided to give it a whirl and the result is as close as you’re going to get to a real ‘summer dram’. Perfectly suited to throwing over some ice whilst watching a storm roll in on a sticky hot afternoon. Yeah, I said it. Over. Ice. Or not if you prefer. But do try giving the bottle 5 minutes in the fridge if you insist on it neat. This whisky really ‘pops’ when a few degrees cooler than room temperature.

Benromach Triple Distilled is bright golden, no doubt from the first fill American oak, and exhibits the tell tale vanilla on the nose with orange and a whift of smokiness, reminiscent of a marmalade glazed ham.

The palate shows the purity of spirit from the third distillation, with rich vanilla, coconut, marmalade, and a delicate smokiness, without any burn usually found in whiskies of 50% abv. The finish is long and flavoursome.


Bottle Size : 700ml
ABV : 46% abv
Region : Scotland – Speyside
Peated : No

Aroma without water: after a few inhalations you may detect strawberry, elderflower and sweet vanilla mingling with orange citrus.
Taste without water: roll it around your mouth and savour the creamy malt, touch of white pepper and hints of zingy lime zest, sweet vanilla and toasted oak beautifully balanced with rich dark chocolate and smoky bonfire embers.
Aroma with water: sweet and fruity with subtle floral notes. You may discern delicious undertones of orange citrus and vanilla.
Taste with water: the smooth and sweet body has an elegant, delicate flavour, with a touch of cracked black pepper, fresh grapefruit and lime citrus and a hint of oak and bonfire embers, leading to a luscious long and fruity finish with a lingering edge of smoke.
Benromach Triple Distilled