About The Single Malt Whisky Club Membership!

It is super easy to join, you are always in full control of your membership and purchasing.

  • Complete your billing and shipping details below and enter a payment method
  • Ignore the 0.01 cent amount below (it is just a token amount and you never get charged it)
  • On joining you will receive our Welcome Email that details all you need to know about The Single Malt Whisky Club, our dates, processes and contact details.
  • Every month on the 14th, you get the Malt of the Month email that outlines the months whisky, price and all its delicious details (see our previous releases and pricing here)
  • Whiskies are normally priced between $120 – $160
  • From the 14th of each month, you have 5 days to add extra bottles, add the Members Extra or SKIP entirely if you don’t want the whisky (and get charged nothing ready for the next month).
  • Easy!

PLUS All new members get a Single Malt Whisky Club Whisky Glass!