To kick off the first month of the ‘Waratah Wonders’ series, we’re proud to present a sensational wine-aged whisky from ‘The Aisling Whiskycrafter’ [Pronounced Ash-lin]. The Aisling Preimhe Shiraz Baraille

Fermented NSW barley, distilled at the Aisling Distillery near Griffith NSW in 2017, aged for 4 years in 225L uncharred shiraz casks (Cask #77 and #79) sourced from a local Riverina District Winery and bottled at 50% ABV. This is a strictly limited edition whisky with only 850 individually numbered bottles produced.

The Aisling Preimhe Shiraz Baraille

The Aisling Distillery is the work of Michelle and Mark Burns. And when I say ‘work of’ – I mean I, literally! Not only did they build their own stills etc – their engineering works manufactures specialises in manufacture of equipment for the food, wine and distilling industry. In short – they know their gear – they made it!

Aisling distillery was built in 2014, they have set their sights on crafting whisky, rum, gin and vodka. I can’t speak for their white spirits personally – but I can say their rum is fantastic and their whisky (as you’re about to find out) is similarly sensational. They are situated near Griffith, in the heart of the ‘Riverena Food bowl’ and proudly source all their ingredients locally.

The Aisling Preimhe Shiraz Baraille


Colour: Lovely Dark reddish – rose gold.

Nose: A striking charcuterie note at first then sweet plums marmalade and

Palate: Instant and satisfying mouthcoating, a brief pepper burst gives way to biscuit spices, stewed fruits and threes a hint of aniseed there too. No sign of the savoury notes from the nose. This is all sweet fruits and spices.

Finish: Nice, satisfying and long finish. No real surprises, just buckets of flavour keeping those cheeks salivating as you chew it to the end.

  • PRICE : $149

  • ABV : 50%

  • BOTTLE : 700ml




The Aisling Preimhe Shiraz Baraille


The Queen that rises from the ground and supports the VISION of her beloved husband.

The Aisling Preimhe Shiraz Baraille is a Premium release with deep crimson red colour, a savoury back drop of sweet fruit, made up of plum jam, red grape, orange marmalade and more berries, shrouded by earthy tones and a small amount of spice.

Colour: Our Shiraz is deep crimson red to rich brown and caramel, aged in uncharred Shiraz Casks from a locally sourced Riverina Winery for just over 4 years, it contains natural colouring and flavouring from the casks with a rich fulfilling palate finish.

Nose: When you raise your nose into a glass of our Single Malt Whisky Shiraz Cask, that highlights the famous bold spirit style against the signature red fruit aromas, savoury back drop of sweet fruit, made up from plum jam, red grapes, orange marmalade and more berries, shrouded by earthy tones and a small amount of spice, perfectly compliment the cleanliness of the double distilled spirit. Allowing the spirit to sit and breathe, before you indulge into your first sip.

Palate: In order to maximise your palate, hold the first sip in your mouth, then you will really appreciate on the next sip, look out for sweet, bitter, acidic, and spicy shiraz tones.

After the taste comes the finish & the length. This is the after taste that follows well after you’ve swallowed.

“Best shared with the one’s we love, where memories are made.”


Michelle and Mark Burns founded The Aisling Distillery in 2014 to specialize in Small Batch Premium Single Malt Whisky, Rum and more recently Gin and Vodka. They wanted to capture the Riverina also known as “the food bowl of Australia” – it’s sheer beauty of the Griffith Region, New South Wales, the heart of the Murrumbidgee that is home to so many Traditions.

Aisling are a family-run distillery with Mark having a Trade of Engineering behind him we wanted to capture his knowledge, expertise and sheer brilliance and transform that quality into quality Spirits. We use locally sourced Barley. At Aisling Distillery, we have an efficient outlook to our daily routines. Our Spirit runs are slow, to give us the smooth soft craft spirit we know everyone is going to enjoy, our Whisky is big and bold and has a lasting palate feel long after your tasting experience. Flavours to cherish. It’s all hand crafted from gristing our barley, all the way through to filling the cask.