Tomintoul Distillery is high up in the Highlands, near the town of Tomintoul. While it is in the Glen of Livet, there is no relation to the famous Glenlivet single malt whisky.  It was built in 1964 on the banks of the Avon and expanded in 1974 making it a relative new distillery. The location of the distillery was based on the the ‘Balluntruan Spring’ – and Tomintoul is made with this pure spring water to this day. Many distilleries now use commercially purified water as ingredient – but Tomintoul remains ‘traditional’ in that it uses it’s own spring water. So let’s get strait into this lovely Highlander – the Tomintoul 10 year old.

All too often whisky novices ask us if a whisky is “smooth”.  Smoothness is synonymous with single malt whiskies.  The “roughness” comes from harsh grain whisky.   With peat, smoke, rich toasted oak, and intense flavours single malt whiskies can be confronting for new comers.  The Tomintoul is not confronting.  It is not made to be confronting.  It is not made to challenge, it is made to enjoy.

The Tomintoul 10 year old is aged in American oak only, with no peat or European oak, making it a light enjoyable and smooth whisky, with no nasty surprises.  It is referred to as the “Gentle Dram” and if you are looking for a smooth whisky, this is it. To hear more about the Tomintoul 10 year old and see Andy taste it, please view the video.


Bottle Size : 700ml
ABV : 45% abv
Region : Scotland – Highlands
Peated : Yes

Nose: Suggestions of citrus, toffee tones with a hint of raisins

Palate: Clean, creamy – some sweetness balanced by gentle oaky spice

Finish: Enduring, with sweetness followed by spice

Tomintoul 10 Year old