Let’s bring the Tassie Trifecta of Whisky home with a single cask bourbon matured Tasman Whisky from Ironhouse Brewery on the East Coast of Tasmania and lets match it with a Porter Beer that is aged in the same cask the whisky came out of! Introducing the Tasman Whisky Special Edition Bourbon Cask.

To celebrate the third month of or Tassie Trifecta of Whisky and Tasmanian Whisky Week (being held virtually this year!) we decided to showcase Tasmanian malt and oak in a HUGE way. Our Malt of the Month is the Tasman Whisky Special Edition Bourbon Cask, a superb whisky set down in September 2015 in an ex-Maker Mark Bourbon barrel.  Made from Tasmanian barley and aged with maritime influence adjacent McIntyre’s Beach on the East Coast of Tasmania.

To match with it we have an Ironhouse Porter Beer that has been aged for 3 months in the same cask (once the whisky came out of course). Yes, you heard right. This month we’re offering our members a perfectly matched Boilermaker.  A matched pair.  A beer and a shot with the same DNA. A dynamic duo of distilled delight. And is it a first? We think so! We’ve certainly heard of some whisky cask-aged craft beers around the traps – but we’ve never heard of anyone offering a cask-matched whisky and beer combination, ever!

This is a fantastic single cask whisky, made with 100% Tasmanian malt and aged on the windswept coast of Tasmania. The sea mist adds a subtle salty note to an otherwise sweet and fruity whisky resulting in a complex and multi-layered taste experience.

And just because it’s the Tassie Trifecta of Whisky – on top of all this you’ll get a commemorative TASMANIAN OAK drink coaster celebrating the matched pair and the Tassie Trifecta.

 Tasman Whisky Special Edition Bourbon Cask Our Tasting Notes

Colour: Lovely bright gold

Nose: Sweet and malty like honey slathered weetbix. Lots dried fruit, sweet vanilla and spices – particularly cinnamon.

Palate: Coats the mouth instantly with a luxurious, warm hug. More sultanas and raisins, cherry-ripe and vanilla over a backdrop of rich oak.

Finish: Warming, long and fruity. Those dried fruit flavours play out until the very last!

 Tasman Whisky Special Edition Bourbon Cask
  • PRICE : $159

  • ABV : 47%

  • BOTTLE : 700ml



 Tasman Whisky Special Edition Bourbon Cask
 Tasman Whisky Special Edition Bourbon Cask
 Tasman Whisky Special Edition Bourbon Cask


At the edge of the Tasman Sea, where the old droving hut Iron House once stood watchful, we carefully craft our Single Malt Whisky.

Oceanside, we distil, mere moments from where the sea floor falls away into the mysterious depths, the dark unknown.

Floating amidst the sea, in an endless parade of life, are stories and the battles that lie within them. This endless enigma, packed full of wonder, inspires us to create something unique, enticing and strangely familiar to compliment these tales……

Whisky. Good Tasmanian Whisky.

Good whisky is naught but a lens. It is the drink for celebrating your best days and reflecting thoughtfully on your hardest. It’s a spirit that demands a careful and discerning approach.

In that tradition we have created our premium range of Whisky, our Spiritus Frumenti if you will, for all in which to indulge. TASMAN WHISKY is absolutely uncompromising and complex. Mindfully distilled within the confines of our copper still, it’s the synergy between the purest malts, the pristine waters and the cleanest ocean air of Tasmania’s untainted East Coast that balance and mature our spirit perfectly.

Our Single Malt Whisky Club Special Edition Bourbon Cask brings rum and raisin aromas with a subtle vanilla and a spiced herb oak undertone. A wash of buttery warm caramels, hazelnut and oak finished with sweet dried fruits.

It is our story, but it is your Whisky.

Tasman Whisky – The Spirit of the East


The Iron House Brewery is a central feature of the White Sands Estate. The Estate boasts a resort, brewery, distillery, restaurant, bar, vineyard, trout lake, and boat ramp – not to mention the private McIntyre’s Beach that it sits adjacent to.  Apparently, that boat ramp was the clincher when the current owner purchased the Estate back in 2003. As a keen boatie and fishing-tragic myself I thoroughly endorse, and commend, this logic.

The ‘Iron House Brewery’ is named after the first structure erected on the land it sits on in the 1800’s – a tin roofed drover’s hut known as ‘The Iron House’ and is run by Michael Briggs. It commenced brewing operations in 2007. In 2015 a 1500L hybrid Kothe still from Germany, was purchased and once they worked out how it went together (it came with no instructions whatsoever so the story goes) they had a brewery/distillery!

The decision to add a distillery was a no brainer. They could easily make more beer than they could sell locally – so instead of looking to market outside Tasmania – they chose to add a distillery to use that extra wash! Beer’s loss – whiskies gain! These days the distillery is producing about 8000l of new make a year.

Springbank 15 year old
Springbank 15 year old