Firstly a happy new year to all our members. We trust you had a good holiday and your liver is restored and ready to rip into another year of exciting single malt whiskies. For our first whisky of 2018 we head over to the Orkney Isles to try the Scapa 2005 vintage.

The Scapa 2005 Vintage is aged in first fill American oak and bottled at 43% abv.

To the eye, a pale straw colour belying the American Oak it was aged in.

On the nose it is flavoursome, yet gentle and beautifully light with vanilla, baked apple and lime zest.

A delightful buttery mouthfeel with sweet marmalade, vanilla and oak. Those traditional American oak flavours are well represented here, yet with a fruity, sweet tinge and wafting notes notes of honey.

The mouthfeel stays buttery to the last, with very slight pepper and … is that mint as it finally fades?


ABV: 43%
Bottle Size: 700ml
Region: Scotland
Peated: No

Nose without Water: Sweet coconut, green apple, and milk chocolate aromas are complemented by a fresh lemon and lime edge.
Palate without Water: Sweet and creamy with orange zest, dark chocolate, and a touch of toasted oak. A lingering hint of pepper on the finish.
Nose with Water: Sweet vanilla and ripe tropical fruits with a hint of cocoa powder. A fresh citrus edge is still present.
Palate with Water: Creamy, sweet and smooth. Ripe banana, butterscotch, and chocolate flavours develop along with hints of lime. A subtle menthol undertone on the finish.
Body: Light.
Finish: Medium to long with a lingering menthol edge.

Glen Scotia Ruby Port Finish


Scapa Distillery is situated on ‘The Mainland’ of Orkney. Located just south of Kirkwall, the distillery sits on the shores of Scapa Flow – a large natural harbour. Scapa Flow is also the home port of the Royal Navy and has protected centuries of sailors and fishermen from the wild North Sea. No wonder the Scapa distillery embraces that maritime history and influence – right down to it’s distillery logo which features a sailboat. The Scapa distillery is the second most northerly distillery in Scotland – beaten only by it a fellow Orcadian – Highland Park – which is less than a mile away.

Glen Scotia Ruby Port Finish
Glen Scotia Ruby Port Finish

Established in 1885 by McFarlane and Townsend on the island of Orkney, the Scapa distillery has seen many owners come and go since then. Closing and re-opening several times, it’s history isn’t exactly what you’d call stable. A huge upgrade in 2004 saw the distillery reinvigorated and revitalized. You may have heard of the current owners – a little mob called Pernod Ricard.

This little distillery is all about tradition. When you find out that 5 guys run the whole operation, you get a sense of just how small it is. So small, in fact that, Scapa only started offering public tours 3 years ago. There is no automation, computers or robots either. It is all turned by hand – by judgement and feel.