Part two of our ‘Tassie Trifecta of Whisky’ sees our members be a key part of Australian whisky history – The relaunch of the Overeem Distillery back in the ownership of the family that started it. Please welcome Overeem Single Sherry Cask – an exclusive bottling for the Single Malt Whisky Club.

We are very proud to present the first release from one of Australia’s founding distilleries since it’s been back in family ownership – The Overeem Single Sherry Cask. An amazing, exclusive release for The Single Malt Whisky Club of two specific casks whose original spirit was laid down by one of the fathers of Australian Whisky, Casey Overeem in 2011.

The Overeem Single Sherry Cask Release is only available through The Single Malt Whisky Club.

Of course, we all know of the legendary Overeem brand so no introduction is necessary there. But this month we are proud to re-introduce the newly family owned Overeem brand and we’re doing it by going backwards in time. Back to a time when the Australian whisky industry was still young and new and full of wonder. Back to a time when only a handful of people were making Australian whisky, and so many of the Aussie brands we know today were just hopes and dreams. Back when family Overeem was distilling, bottling, boxing and shipping from their own yard!

It has held a special place in my heart since the start of my ‘professional’ whisky journey. For a start it was founded in the same year we setup the Single Malt Whisky Club (waaay back in 2005). Secondly, back in 2010 the Overeem family made me feel very welcome when I showed up to look over the distillery. Not only did I get to have a cuppa with a Tassie whisky legend but Casey Overeem made sure to give me a comprehensive tour of the distillery, bottling shed and the ageing warehouse. He was both gracious with his time and extremely forthcoming on any questions about his method and process. His encouragement of what we were doing certainly made me realize running the club was a long-term, legitimate gig – and much more than just a hobby. That afternoon’s conversation with Casey certainly made me look at the Australian whisky industry – and my part in it – in a whole new way. And he didn’t pour a bad dram either.

In 2014, the Overeem brand was purchased by Lark Distillery and then again by Australian Whisky Holdings in 2018 (when they acquired Lark). Jane Overeem stayed true to the cause by remaining Brand Ambassador for Lark and AWH and during that time, cementing her reputation as a major player in the Australian whisky industry.

In February of this year, Jane and her husband Mark bought back the family brand from AWH and have undertaken the job of restoring the brand back to the values that it was built on. Excellent raw spirit aged in quality oak and released only as single cask whiskies. We are proud to offer the very first Sherry casks to be bottled by the original Overeem team.

When I first read the news that Jane and Mark had re-acquired the family brand, it was a genuinely happy moment for me. When Jane answered my congratulatory message with a hearty ‘let’s do something together’ I was ecstatic, and even a little nervous. Being asked to help re-launch such a legendary brand name under such auspicious circumstances is an honour and a privilege indeed and one of the highlights of my whisky career so far!

This month’s ‘Malt of the Month’ consists of two single cask offerings from Overeem Distillery. Why two casks? Simply because one cask just isn’t enough and the Overeem brand is returning to single cask expressions only. Both casks are 100L ex-sherry casks. Both casks were distilled in 2011 whilst Casey Overeem oversaw the stills. Both have passed through the Lark and AWH ownership days like time-capsules showcasing an era of whisky making that was full of excitement and stills operated at home. No chill-filtering or colouring (of course) – just artisanal whisky made to a family recipe.

A NOTE ON BOTTLE ALLOCATION : Bottles of the Overeem Single Sherry Cask will be assigned randomly from each cask for members with a one bottle order. Members that double up will receive one bottle from each cask. Members that triple up and above we will contact you for your choice of casks. Enjoy!

Both casks feature common traits of Caramel, stewed fruit and vanilla. They differ slightly (as is to be expected) but are both absolutely delightful whiskies with a clear pedigree.

Our Tasting Notes:

Cask: OHD-234
Colour: Amber
Nose: Big caramel up front, Christmas pud and sweet dark sugar with some floral notes floating over the top.
Palate: Caramel, toffee and stewed fruit. Very slight astringency
Finish: Medium length, and warming but not spicy with yet more stewed fruit.

Cask OHD-245
Nose: Marmalade sweetness and stewed fruit. A touch of salt.
Palate: Stewed prunes, caramel and leather. A very faint savoury note, beef jerky maybe?
Finish: Very light spice, chocolate and toffee sweetness.

A note on price : We are aware that the price of the Overeem is higher than we normally offer here at The Single Malt Whisky Club but we could not pass up a chance for our members to be part of whisky history and thanks to our buying power this is much less than single cask releases are normally priced both at Overeem and other premium Tasmanian Distilleries.

Overeem Single Sherry Cask
Overeem Single Sherry Cask
  • PRICE : $179

  • ABV : 43%

  • BOTTLE : 700ml



Overeem Single Sherry Cask


These casks are uniquely special.

Casks #234 and #245 were hand selected for The Single Malt Whisky Club due to their contrasting characteristics, unique nose and flavour profiles.

Having been produced in the original Overeem still-house under the watchful eye of Casey himself, both casks spent most of their life resting patiently in concrete bond stores. Both aged for approximately 6.5 years in French Oak ex-sherry quarter-casks (100Litres), they have been proudly bottled for the SMWC to celebrate the amazing support Australian whisky lovers provide for the Australian industry. So thank you.

In good spirits,
Mark and Jane

Sherry Cask #234 – 43% ABV
Nose: Burnt Toffee, Smoke, Citrus, Wood, Vanilla, Biscut, Spice, Honey,
Palate: Delicate, wood, rose petal, caramel, nutmeg, maple syrup
Finish: Light Spice, balanced, moreish!

Sherry Cask #245- 43% ABV
Nose: Salted Caramel, Spice, Berries, Honeycomb,
Palate: Viscous and creamy, rum and raisins, Nutty, golden syrup
Finish: Rich, long and very balanced


This months ‘Malt of the Month’ was distilled in the original ‘Old Hobart Distillery’.

The Overeem brand began in 2005 when approval was granted Jane and Casey Overeem to build ‘The Old Hobart Distillery’ in a shed in Casey Overeems front yard. By 2007 the distillery was fully functional, with a bottling/packing plant (shed) the back yard and an offsite bond store for aging.

Casey’s retirement in 2014 saw the distillery and Overeem brand sold to Lark distillery, and was then acquired by Australian Whisky Holdings when they purchased Lark in 2014.

Jane Sawford nee Overeem –Daughter and co-founder of the Old Hobart Distillery and the Overeem brand has worked in all aspects of the distillery under the watchful eye of her dad Casey Overeem at first, and then in her own right with Lark and AWH.

From distilling right through to bottling labelling and dispatching, whisky has been a major part of her life since she was 18. Subsequent the sale of the brand and distillery, she has worked in all facets of whisky production, marketing and promotion within the Tasmanian whisky industry. I guess the point I’m trying to get across is that Jane Sawford has more whisky credentials in her little finger than most. She has been ‘doing whisky’ all her adult life, after all.

Mark Sawford (Jane’s Husband and partner) has a strong history operating hospitality concerns in the Kingston Area. A strong team helping him in these endeavours has allowed him to build and operate the ‘Sawford Distillery’ with Jane whilst still operating his three Kingston-based businesses.

In 2016 Jane and Mark established ‘Sawford Distillery’ with help and advice from Casey himself. A big part of that advise was making sure Mark and Jane had a solid business plan for Sawford Distillery to make sure the ‘lean years’ every new distillery faces were planned for. They had the stills manufactured in that year and their design borrowd heavily from the original “Old Hobart’ stills.

Whilst the ‘Old Hobart Distillery’ stills were not part of the deal to buy back Overeem –the Sawford Distillery stills (where Overeem will be made from now on) are almost exact replicas. The only difference being a slightly larger capacity than the ‘old stills’. The old wash still was 1600l and spirit still 800l –the new stills are 1800 and 800l respectively. Other than that, they are the same.

Casey Overeem and Brad Wright - a LONG time ago!
Overeem Distillery