YAY, it finally arrived. I don’t know why it took 11 weeks to come rather than the standard 6 weeks, but the Old Pulteney 15 year old has finally arrived. WOOHOO! And what a beauty it is too.

Pulteney distillery is the most Northern distillery in mainland Scotland situated in the town of Wick. Wick was established initially as a fishing town to chase the ample Herring that school off the Northern East coast. Wick became a wealthy town during the 1800’s “herring boom”. The history of Old Pulteney, Herring and the town of Wick are inextricably linked. If you are interested to know more about Herring, here is an interesting essay.

The Pulteney distillery was built in 1826, drawing water from the River Wick. It is believed that this water is the reason that the new make spirit has such a high level of sulphur. When the new make spirit is aged in bourbon barrels with high charring, it produces a butterscotch flavour, quite distinct to Old Pulteney.

The Old Pulteney 15 year old is the G&M Distillery malt aged in second fill bourbon barrels for 15 years. The first thing you notice about the Old Pulteney 15 year old is how clean the whisky is. It is beautifully clear and bright. There is good colour from the ageing, but the spirit itself is immaculate. On tasting this whisky I found it to be quite delightful. It is unusual, with citrus lemon and rich butterscotch aromas. The saltiness comes through as an iodine character and balances the intense sweetness of the honey and butter menthol. It has powerful flavours and a richness that carries through the pallet to a lovely clean finish.


Bottle Size : 700ml
ABV : 46% abv
Region : Scotland – Highland
Peated : No

Old Pulteney 15 year old