The malt for this month many of you will have tasted at the master class. It is the Jura 10 year old from the Isle of Jura.

Off the west coast of Scotland lies a magical island of soft sea breezes, freshly caught lobster and a bank that comes once a week. As good as life used to be. One shop, one pub, one community. One fine malt whisky distillery. A gift from nature. Pure spring water, clean fresh air and generations of tradition quietly crafting a more delicate island malt.

The Jura Distillery was originally built in 1810. However, the distillery that stands today is a completely new one built in 1963 – 60 years after demolition of the original! Of interest is that the distinctive shape of the bottle has remained in use since the distillery first opened in the 19th century. Being an island whisky, Jura has ‘the flavour of the sea’. This briny, iodine-y undertone is common to most island whiskies and comes from the casks being aged in the Scottish sea air. Influences such as salt from the surf spray and iodine from sea-weed on the beaches seeps through the wood and into the whisky over the long years it sits waiting to be released.

COLOUR – Deep amber gold

NOSE – Light, rich and aromatic. Positive and firm. Silky, almondy wood notes

PALATE – Firm, distinguished, elegant tones. A fruity oiliness with just a hint of smoke gently enriches the palate


Bottle Size : 700ml
ABV : 46% abv
Region : Scotland – Island
Peated : No

Colour: Warming golden glow.

Nose: Soft nuances of American white oak with a smooth, sweet aroma of honey.

Taste: A refined, smooth and clean tasting liquid with gentle oak flavours, followed by highlights of caramel and soft liquorice. The warmth of roasted coffee beans lingers long in the mouth.

Jura 10 year old