At long last we have a whisky from Campbeltown to offer. It is a Glen Scotia 1992 vintage, bottled after 17 years of aging.

Campbeltown was once the largest whisky producing regions of Scotland however only 2 distilleries (Glen Scotia and Springbank) are still operating in this unusual region. The whiskies from here are generally referred to as the deepest voice in the choir, full bodied and full flavoured.

The distillery was founded in 1832 having a very steady business in the early days, but in 1928 it was sold by Duncan Macallum who committed suicide in the Campbel Loch, but his spirit returned to Glen Scotia where he still resides on cold and windy evenings splashing in the wash tuns. After his death, Glen Scotia distillery was mothballed until it was reopened in the 30’s under new ownership at a time when the other 28 Campbeltown distilleries closed down. It has changed hands a number of times, but is still operating, just….

The Glen Scotia 1992 Vintage is absolutely AMAZING!

The smokey smell is quite obvious when you first pull the cork. It is an unusual smell, not at all like the peat smoke of the Islay’s I am used to. The whisky is aged in sherry hogs heads, so there is some Christmas cake, brandy vapours with a saltiness and very mild banana like aroma.

The pallet is something to behold. The first thing I can say is that it is different. It’s intense. It’s full bodied. Creamy, salty dry, vanilla, dried apricots. There is a spiciness, maybe cloves and cinnamon. A really powerful strong flavor. There are so many intense flavours in this whisky, it needed all of its 17 years to integrate these flavours. Once sipped, the flavour stays in the mouth for ages and keeps changing and developing.

Like nothing I’ve tried before.


Bottle Size : 700ml
ABV : 46% abv
Region : Scotland – Campbeltown
Peated : No

Glen Scotia 1992