This month we feature the Glen Grant 1993 vintage as our ‘Malt of the Month’.

Glen Grant distillery was the first of five to be built in the town of Rothes. It was built by John & James Grant in 1840, two brothers who had previously been involved in illicit distilling. James Grant son, Major James Grant travelled extensively in India and Africa. On his return to Rothes, the distillery gardens were planted with rare and exotic plants. The distillery has recently restored the Victorian garden and it is open to visitors. If you are ever fortune enough to be invited to the bottom of the garden, you may be treated to a special dram from a safe, set into a wall.

In the days when single malts were scarcely known outside of the highlands, Glen Grant was the lone single malt in many a bar from Glasgow to Giana. The Glen Grant stills are a unique shape with an almost square section between the pot and the neck. This, together with purifiers on the lyne arms, contributes, to Glen Grants light, gentle character. The whisky has long been a contributor to Chivas regal and is highly regarded by most blenders.

Glen Grant is one of the worlds biggest-selling Malt Whiskies, with Italy being a significant market. In fact it is owned by an Italian company (Campari) and is set up especially for Italian Tourists. It is the Leichhardt of Scotland. This makes it very difficult to get hold of this single malt anywhere but Scotland and Italy. Thankfully our buying power has come through again sourcing a very special 1993 vintage. What makes this so rare is that as one of the biggest selling whiskies in the world, it very rarely ages much past 5 years, so a 16 year is unique and to be prized.


Bottle Size : 700ml
ABV : 46% abv
Region : Scotland – Highlands
Peated : No

The Glen Grant 1993 nose has fresh, citrus and tropical fruits – lemonade, melons and strawberry jam. Hints of vanilla pods and spices indicating ageing in bourbon barrels. On the pallet Spicy with earthy, toasted flavours. A delicate fruitiness and a smoky/peaty edge. Overall it is has fresh, clean flavours and aromas. An easy drinking dram perfect for summer.

Glen Grant 1993