Club FAQs

The Single malt Whisky Club, Australia (SMWCA) is free to join, has no minimum buy amount and no contracts – you can leave at any time with no penalty. Check out our handy FAQs for the low down.

What does it cost to join?

It costs nothing to join the SMWCA. There are no charges for anything other than the whisky you choose and postage.

Is there a minimum amount of whisky I have to buy?

No. There is no minimum amount you need to purchase. If you don’t want this months whisky, just reply to the newsletter email and we’ll leave you out for that month.

Can I leave the club at any time?

Yes, you just reply to our newsletter and let us know you wish to leave.

How much is the whisky?

The price varies each month. We are currently aiming to feature whiskies from around $100 up to $150 per bottle.

Can I get extra bottles sent?

Of course! Just let us know what you want. Either reply to the newsletter, phone or SMS. If you’re looking for another bottle of last months, and extra of this months or one featured in our online store (FYI – we’ll give the members a discount on the listed store prices too!). Well send your ‘extras’ with your monthly whisky.

If you’d like to receive more than one bottle of the featured whisky every month – we can do that as well.

Do you deliver to P.O. Boxes?


Why isn't there an awesome youtube video explaining how the club works?

Well, as a matter of fact…

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